As farmers, a lot of us are really good at raising chickens, growing vegetables, or herding cattle, but not all of us are great at business and marketing. Me personally, if I could just raise my crops and give them away and still live a good life I would. But I cannot. I must make money doing what I love.

Perhaps you:

  • Are looking to start a farm but don’t know where to begin.
  • Are 1-3 years into running your farm and you really need to make the business viable.
  • Or you have been farming for years and you are looking to expand your farm business or bring it to the next level.

You Want To Know How To Start A Farm?

Small to medium scale farming is becoming more and more popular as the world blunders into the twenty-first century. A lack of connection to the land, a loss of sense of purpose in our current careers (if we are lucky enough to have one), and the food-related medical epidemics that are making their way around the world are causing people like you and me to look to a more rural lifestyle.

It is very exciting to be at work daydreaming, or at home talking with friends and family over a beer, about all the things you want to grow, how you want to work with you hands, raise animals, and lead a fulfilling lifestyle. It is very easy to get carried away in the fantasy of how good life is on the other side. You have heard the old sayings, “You know farming is hard work,” and, “You know, you don’t make any money farming.” But you don’t care about that. You will have a beautiful little farmhouse, your kids will play barefoot in the pasture, and you will eat like a king on your long farm table each night before you go to bed tired and at peace from a day spent doing meaningful work.

Well of course you love that dream! Who wouldn’t? I would like to win the lottery too. Let me tell you how many times I have played the game, “What would I do if I was rich?” The fact of the matter is, you’re not very likely to hit the lottery, ¬†and you are not very likely going to have the perfect dream of a farm that you are building in your mind. BUT, and there is a but, with hard work, the right set of skills, a whole lot of passion and determination, and a little luck, you can live out a version of your farm dream.